Alpaca Fiber, Who Knew?!

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“So… there’s this guy that has an alpaca farm. He’s moving and needs a good home for his alpacas.” I knew right when Mark said “So…..” all dragged out and hesitant that we were either starting another project or we were getting another animal. Turns out, we were getting five. The story of the alpacas coming to live with us and how five turned into eight will be next week. I want to focus on alpaca fiber and how this fiber will make you feel like royalty!

Many people group alpaca fiber and sheep wool into the same category but they are complete opposites! Sheep wool has always bothered my skin so even I was a little hesitant to touch the alpaca fiber because really, what’s the difference?

Alpaca fiber does not have lanolin (sheep wool does), which means it is hypoallergenic. It is soft, durable and even warmer than sheep wool without the prickly feeling you get when you touch sheep wool.

Alpaca fiber is recognized as one of the most luxurious fabrics in the world even above cashmere and silk! Alpaca fiber is also known for its softness, luster, and versatility.

When you look at an alpaca the first thing you think is “awwww”, unless you’re my American Country Essentials AlpacasGrammy then she says, “Tara, those are the funniest looking animals.” Although adorable, alpacas are extremely tough, strong animals. They have to be in order to survive the bitter winters and blistering hot summers in South America where they originate. Because of the extraordinary climate conditions alpacas have had to adapt to, their fibers have great strength and durability but are also fine, lightweight, and silky.

Alpaca fiber has tiny microscopic air pockets providing great insulation and keeping you extremely warm during the winter as well as giving the fiber great breathability keeping you cool in the summer. Those same air pockets help reduce the weight of the alpaca fibers making alpaca fabric almost light as air.

Anytime someone grabs a handful of our raw alpaca fiber, they immediately look at me and say, “oh wow,” and grab an even bigger handful and rub it on their face like a fluffy pillow. It is truly astonishing how lightweight and soft this fiber feels in its raw, natural state. The fiber has a soothing almost comforting feeling that makes you feel like you are handling something truly luxurious.American Country Essentials Alpaca Roving

When we first got the alpacas and I started to figure out what to do with all this fiber, I learned that the fiber could be wrapped around bars of soap creating a unique hypoallergenic loofah. Alpaca fiber is naturally antibacterial so the fiber will absorb the water and the suds after you have used it, plus dry faster than regular soap on a dish! This gives the soap a longer life as well as stay fresh longer. The alpaca fiber gives you an incredibly soft exfoliation that is gentle enough to use on children and will lather better than anything you have ever used before.

Authentically Country Soap – Country Fiber is truly a unique bar that joins the forces of our goats and alpacas. Once you use this bar, you will never want to use a regular loofah again!

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